Super Pink Moon! Viewing tips from a NASA astrophysicist

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NASA PhD astrophysicist Michelle Thaller talks about the good things to look for in a supermoon/pink moon combo and moon features that will be easy to spot. -- Super Pink Moon Rises:
Credit: | moon imagery/animation: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center | produced & edited by Steve Spaleta ( stevespaleta)

OwnItG 4F
OwnItG 4F 7 ditë më parë
*50 Shades Of Pink* 😝🙄
Shubha Kulkarni
Shubha Kulkarni 8 ditë më parë
Azumi 379
Azumi 379 11 ditë më parë
Is it true that "Venus" and "Jupiter Moon" can be mis look as our earth moon????
Boking 11 ditë më parë
just theories no scientific demonstration that wz were waiting for 👩‍🏫
Greg B
Greg B 11 ditë më parë
oh please! how many of these "super-blank-moons" are we going to have to hear about. This is getting ridiculous.
King Christophis
King Christophis 11 ditë më parë
Petition to reignite volcanic activity on the moon
Henry Falkner
Henry Falkner 11 ditë më parë
Got photos last night at 98%. Right now we have 100% cloud, and rain. Moon transit is in 4 hours. I will check for cloud breaks.
Gnanasegaran Rajan
Gnanasegaran Rajan 11 ditë më parë
Dᴀɴᴀ Dᴀɴᴀ
Dᴀɴᴀ Dᴀɴᴀ 11 ditë më parë
I’m so excited for this I’ve been waiting for this since last year!!! 💕🌕
Lina Noniashvili
Lina Noniashvili 11 ditë më parë
Me toooo
Aero Miller
Aero Miller 11 ditë më parë
50 shades of grey?
Olivia & Kitty TV :D
Olivia & Kitty TV :D 11 ditë më parë
It's night for me :)
MrAuberyII GODs Earth is FLAT and NASA is FAKE
MrAuberyII GODs Earth is FLAT and NASA is FAKE 12 ditë më parë
come see how space agencies fake going to space
Teto Ndzinge
Teto Ndzinge 11 ditë më parë
Moll Custom Instruments
Moll Custom Instruments 12 ditë më parë
I thought I read something about, "pink"?
dale carpenter
dale carpenter 12 ditë më parë
Stop propagandizing about the moon ! Most all of the theiries you talk about like fact have been debunked ! See the thunderbolts project for real science !!!!
Nick H
Nick H 12 ditë më parë
"Super Pink Moon Tonight!" Oh interesting, I wonder what that's all about... "The best way to view the moon is by looking up at night!" Glad I clicked.
Masala4me 11 ditë më parë
Yeah this was so helpful
Kipruto Hassan
Kipruto Hassan 12 ditë më parë
Too much clouds, so I see black moon, hopefully you also see.
R 11 ditë më parë
@Jinxy Purrbox yeah I went to see it last night and I almost got attacked by a raccoon 😅
Jinxy Purrbox
Jinxy Purrbox 11 ditë më parë
@R no, just super bright I believe
R 11 ditë më parë
Is it supposed to look pink?
Dirk Pitt
Dirk Pitt 12 ditë më parë
amangogna68 12 ditë më parë
Great information !
Prince Indrajit Law / Laha
Prince Indrajit Law / Laha 12 ditë më parë
Leneha Junsu
Leneha Junsu 12 ditë më parë
The moon that I am looking at is pink♡ it is my life's first pink moon I even captured lots of pics and vids
Leneha Junsu
Leneha Junsu 12 ditë më parë
@Mir Hamza ♡♡
Mir Hamza
Mir Hamza 12 ditë më parë
@Leneha Junsu gotcha
Leneha Junsu
Leneha Junsu 12 ditë më parë
@ABHI BHI yea ofcourse its on my channel u can see it
Leneha Junsu
Leneha Junsu 12 ditë më parë
@Mir Hamza Lenehajunsu_
ABHI BHI 12 ditë më parë
Does it really look pink?
Big Mike
Big Mike 12 ditë më parë
Almost clickbait..
jowan draws
jowan draws 12 ditë më parë
Moon aint pink
Hajahsb Gshshsh
Hajahsb Gshshsh 12 ditë më parë
India se dikhega .?
imperial gaming
imperial gaming 12 ditë më parë
Mintu Das
Mintu Das 12 ditë më parë
Awesome 😌😌😌😌😌❤😌😌😌❤😌😌
mango6man2 12 ditë më parë
I awaited hearing what is pink moon and why. But instead only hear what I already knew about seeing moon
Rivi Nomad
Rivi Nomad 12 ditë më parë
@mango6man2 Sorry can't help you. I am an astronomer and have never heard that phrase before... It sounds like someone's trying to make every full moon a breaking news worthy of the headlines.
mango6man2 12 ditë më parë
@heatshield so the moon is a pink phlox flower and only glows pink in the spring???? I guess I need to go to a real scientist or Astronomer to get more info. This site is not helpful
heatshield 12 ditë më parë
it's just named because of the time of year. search pink moss.
Mr. Sumpit
Mr. Sumpit 12 ditë më parë
saimul Haque
saimul Haque 12 ditë më parë
mdr53229 12 ditë më parë
Saw it written and I saw it say Pink moon is on its way And none of you stand so tall Pink moon gonna get ye all -- Nick Drake
What Willis Was Talking About
What Willis Was Talking About 12 ditë më parë
Beat me to it!
Joseph Pritchard
Joseph Pritchard 12 ditë më parë
Always a classic
Medd 12 ditë më parë
Gaurav Pandey
Gaurav Pandey 12 ditë më parë
karima fannane
karima fannane 12 ditë më parë
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