China launches Yaogan-34 satellite! See rocket sheds tiles in slo-mo

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A Long March-4C rocket launched the Yaogan-34 remote sensing satellite from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China on April 30, 2021. The rocket sheds insulation tiles during lift off, a normal occurrence.
Credit: | footage courtesy: China Central Television | produced & edited by Steve Spaleta ( stevespaleta)

Nonna725 Ditë më parë
Made i China for sure lol
MÒHAMED ÀBDI Ditë më parë
Made in China
Dorian Atkins
Dorian Atkins Ditë më parë
Is it just me or does this rocket look an awful lot like the SpaceX Falcon 9?
Stephen Christian
Stephen Christian 2 ditë më parë
Annother quality build from china? Will this one soon be falling uncontrollably back to earth onto an unknown destination?
Dr what
Dr what 3 ditë më parë
I think some of that was ice from the cold o2.
Upscaled Space Images
Upscaled Space Images 3 ditë më parë
I'm eating KFC while watching this
HitchedBug41630 3 ditë më parë
Is it supposed to do that?
HitchedBug41630 3 ditë më parë
Chris1553 3 ditë më parë
Yep , crap Chinese goods, they always break !
Levinson 3 ditë më parë
But now they dropped a part into orbite and it going to crash on earth... It’s in the news.
Good News and Info, thx for share.
ching cheng hanji
ching cheng hanji 4 ditë më parë
Good luck china suker xDxD
zdemolowanyrabin 4 ditë më parë
Shakkar Zimmerman
Shakkar Zimmerman 5 ditë më parë
And you see this is why clean up on space debris and damn that was a lot of tires hoping no one wasn't standing under that clean up crew actually no one be there after they left off this is just that you know space to breathe it's just not good for space especially outer space even the most smallest money material contact with destroy or scrub what mission launch in desirable future I look at it as it is they were( rushing )to put this rocket into outer space or orbit
Andrea Clarke
Andrea Clarke 5 ditë më parë
It's so wasteful. Sorry but they are just ruining the planet every time they do this. Just for 1 satellite!
Shadow Vox
Shadow Vox 5 ditë më parë broken?🥴
Michael Manker
Michael Manker 5 ditë më parë
And this is why China isn't allowed at the ISS
Dorian Atkins
Dorian Atkins Ditë më parë
China is planning its own space station, partly out of snobbery at the rest of the world, and partly to show the rest of the world what it can do.
Chung Le Quoc
Chung Le Quoc 5 ditë më parë
War 3 vietnam support newyok 😌
Vikram Rana
Vikram Rana 6 ditë më parë
wow it worked😁
Dennis Swart
Dennis Swart 6 ditë më parë
Does...”and more” mean spying perhaps?
UddishChess 7 ditë më parë
I think that this Rocket had a 3 year delay 😀 if so then......
A Gorender
A Gorender 7 ditë më parë
Respect to China
Eggo 7 ditë më parë
Ничего не понятно. Что это отваливается от оптикателя?
Beth Official
Beth Official 7 ditë më parë
I see always something falling beautifully from Chinese rocket launches..🐏
Beth Official
Beth Official 4 ditë më parë
@Curry Zhong yeah, i better go, but hey that thing w0n't be going anywhere anymore.
Curry Zhong
Curry Zhong 4 ditë më parë
U won’t be this stupid if u go watch the launch of Saturn 5 rocket🤣 lmfao
Suikage Kagetsu
Suikage Kagetsu 7 ditë më parë
Hmm, china's rocket has a lotnof dandruff.. need more shampoo.
Static FPV
Static FPV 7 ditë më parë
“A normal occurrence” to make a huge debris field??
laeeque nadvi
laeeque nadvi 7 ditë më parë
CHINA LAUNCHES KEY MODULE OF SPACE STATION China launched an unmanned module on Thursday containing what will become living quartets for three crew on a permanent space station that it plans to complete by the end of 2022. The module named " Tianhe",or " Harmony of the heavens" was launched on the Long March5B, China's largest carrier rocket,at 11.23am(local time)from the Wenchang Space Launch Centre on the southern island of Hainan. Tianhe is one of three components of what would be China's first self-developed space station,recalling the only other station in service--- The International Space Station(ISS). The ISS is backed by the US,Russia,Europe,Japan and Canada China was barred from participating by the US.
artistickevful 7 ditë më parë
Used for surveying strategic targets in their attempt to take Pacific Asia. No brainer.
坦白讲啦 7 ditë më parë
Three rockets were launched in four days
Atul Vinayak
Atul Vinayak 7 ditë më parë
"Remote Sensing"
Atul Vinayak
Atul Vinayak 7 ditë më parë
Fix that shit with some flex tape china
Atul Vinayak
Atul Vinayak 5 ditë më parë
@Flop Flip you're bad at understanding jokes
Flop Flip
Flop Flip 5 ditë më parë
@Atul Vinayak you were so bad at it🙄
Atul Vinayak
Atul Vinayak 5 ditë më parë
@Flop Flip it was a joke
Flop Flip
Flop Flip 5 ditë më parë
Stop showing us your ignorance
Doomsday Clown
Doomsday Clown 7 ditë më parë
Meanwhile in China....
BC IBM 7 ditë më parë
PeliCan 1022
PeliCan 1022 7 ditë më parë
Banker Dave
Banker Dave 8 ditë më parë
John R Pannell
John R Pannell 8 ditë më parë
went in the sea when the juice ran out
Kay Lee
Kay Lee 4 ditë më parë
The sea is full of debris of Challenger and Columbia. Just a gentle reminder to sour grapes.
zaky jauhariel
zaky jauhariel 7 ditë më parë
But the payload gets to space
Serg Katrechko
Serg Katrechko 8 ditë më parë
They forgot to copy that material from nasa. That’s why.
Old Prankster
Old Prankster 8 ditë më parë
Since when did a payload need to shed tiles? Sounds like an excuse or a deficiency.
Verbal Sin
Verbal Sin 8 ditë më parë
What is the purpose of the tiles exactly? What are they accomplishing by being on the rocket before ignition and for the first few seconds of the rockets so called accent, during what I can imagine is the least stressful period and the least harsh of all the conditions that are going to be experienced by the vehicle over the course of it's supposed trip to space....? Doesn't make any sense to me... What I am missing? What would a person who believes this is real tell me is the explanation regarding the tiles? Also, I don't believe I've seen other rocket designs (outside of others "launched" by China) exhibit this shedding of tiles mere seconds after launch? What does China give as the reason behind the existence of these tiles?
Fermin Chung
Fermin Chung 8 ditë më parë
🇨🇳👍 cuidado guerra en el espacio
Jack Heaton
Jack Heaton 8 ditë më parë
Looks photo shop
zaky jauhariel
zaky jauhariel 7 ditë më parë
Oh wow, you're so stupid that you think people use Photoshop to edit a video. Let's say that you have no right to say what is real or not 👍
Peter Perry
Peter Perry 8 ditë më parë
Typical Chinese tat, like most products that come from there.
Random Channel
Random Channel 4 ditë më parë
@Peter Perry whatever
Peter Perry
Peter Perry 4 ditë më parë
@Random Channel you should be ashamed of your life buying absolute rubbish products that promote infanticide and fakery and environmental catastrophe.
Random Channel
Random Channel 6 ditë më parë
@Peter Perry whatever. i have no trouble, my dji mavic work so well
Random Channel
Random Channel 6 ditë më parë
@Peter Perry bla bla bla bla bla, it's your choice to not buy chinese product, i buy chinese product
Peter Perry
Peter Perry 6 ditë më parë
exactly ''whatever'' Garbage is garbage you have only to look and see the amount of shit produced by China to know. I buy only European and American produced goods Its not too long ago Chinese producers tried to poison little children with baby formula. People are not fools but most certainly you are heading down a fools highway if you say that China produces quality products.
Bryan A.Cal
Bryan A.Cal 8 ditë më parë
From 🥶 too 🥵 then to 🥶
Au Ngai sum
Au Ngai sum 8 ditë më parë
Thanks for the slow motion👍
Verbal Sin
Verbal Sin 8 ditë më parë
Yeah, really highlights just how incredibly FAKE the whole thing is, eh? I mean, I had no doubts all space flight was nonsense going in, but after seeing this I don't know how anybody thinks this is real...
Psygnostic 8 ditë më parë
Your daily reminder that the Chinese Communist Party is commiting genocide against the Uyghur muslims, Tibetans and persecuting the Falun Gong movment.
Psygnostic 8 ditë më parë
@Random Channel Fascist.
Random Channel
Random Channel 8 ditë më parë
i love ccp
Humgarchaun Lor
Humgarchaun Lor 8 ditë më parë
磁铁强磁制品加工公司 8 ditë më parë
蠢就多读书 老外们😼
State the obvious.
State the obvious. 8 ditë më parë
More covid tiles shead to spread its disease to the world.
Tune BoyZ
Tune BoyZ 8 ditë më parë
go China!
C L 8 ditë më parë
China is now the only hope to bring the human race to the next level when it comes to human survival. If the U.S. doesn't want to work with China, and that is ok. But it at least try not to demonize China and slowing down China's progress....
Okonkwo Kingsley
Okonkwo Kingsley 8 ditë më parë
Mythz Snow
Mythz Snow 8 ditë më parë
I am here to see how many people quickly jump into comment made in China without doing any research😅 Meanwhile, poor China has only sent human to space, 3in1 probe to Mars, collected sample back from moon, built Beidou navigation system that can compete with GPS... the list goes on, pity Chinese😭😭 And not to say that they stole technology from US who banned them from participating in any NASA project..
Lloyd V.
Lloyd V. 8 ditë më parë
I wonder where they stole that technology from?......
Mojo Jo jo
Mojo Jo jo 8 ditë më parë
They are getting ready for war with the US
Vadim lii
Vadim lii 8 ditë më parë
почему первую ступень не ловят вертолетом
Max Aaadd
Max Aaadd 8 ditë më parë
TheMrTipZy 8 ditë më parë
Typical "made in China" quality.
Jake McKee
Jake McKee 7 ditë më parë
TheKalle45 8 ditë më parë
A moment full of tension and stop breathing when the engines starts and everybody hope for that a rocked will lift off successfully and reach the space 😜
FBI AGENT 2 ditë më parë
@dmar1717 wtf u mean keep licking Chinese boots there rockets are so ass now there is debris that's gonna fall somewhere in earth SpaceX already getting rockets for Mars china is far from US when it comes to space
dmar1717 5 ditë më parë
@Pew PewPew Pew Nonintelligible low IQ remark
Pew PewPew Pew
Pew PewPew Pew 5 ditë më parë
@dmar1717 lol cry harder
dmar1717 6 ditë më parë
@Carter McCauley Never said you were.
Carter McCauley
Carter McCauley 6 ditë më parë
@dmar1717 who said I’m right wing
rasta man
rasta man 8 ditë më parë
Between Elon musk and everyone else the night sky is never going to look the same again in another 30 years. Satellites will be the new stars
Dylan M.
Dylan M. 8 ditë më parë
They've actually done multiple improvements on Starlink to make them less visible.
Saeed 8 ditë më parë
Bye bye Google selfish company. We will soon have more options.
cokkio 8 ditë më parë
The tiles fall from the payload bay. Once in orbit, the satellite will be however subjected to extreme temperature drops. So what?...
Ke Lanzhi
Ke Lanzhi 8 ditë më parë
can i get one tile?
Praniti Tiwari
Praniti Tiwari 8 ditë më parë
Wonderful 🙏🙏👍👍
李玙 8 ditë më parë
I am here to read loser, China-hater and salt mine diggers comments...
Brokenwrench 8 ditë më parë
“The satellite will seek out western gps and communications satellites and destroy them”
PanixATK 8 ditë më parë
Any more junk in space?
Eric Madsen
Eric Madsen 8 ditë më parë
China is ass hoe
Peter Lewis
Peter Lewis 8 ditë më parë
Alexander Zapata
Alexander Zapata 8 ditë më parë
So am guessing insulation keeps the stuff inside from heating while waiting for lift off. And so is of no importance later on. Perhaps all tiles are expected to shed by the time it reaches its orbit. Because of the speed it reaches.
Randy Little
Randy Little 5 ditë më parë
@Neebel and it looks cool
Neebel 8 ditë më parë
All of the tiles (should) fall off in the very early phases of the flight, but yeah, your're completely right.
Ali Al Maghrabi
Ali Al Maghrabi 8 ditë më parë
Thermal insulation is no more required after satellite launched, it is required on ground level due to protect from weather that why you can see falling after launched.
East Storm
East Storm 2 ditë më parë
@Tracy k no it is located in Southern Mongolia, an occupied territory of the Mongols.
Ali Al Maghrabi
Ali Al Maghrabi 7 ditë më parë
@Winston Smith I can imagine your frustrations, be happy and leave peaceful life in this pandemic. I know it's bad time for your country facing too much challenges. I advise you to stop yourself from being judgmental. If anyone change his name he will not bcom Westerner remember. أنت قمامة بالنسبة لي حقًا ، لا أعرف لماذا أرد عليك
Tech Lover
Tech Lover 7 ditë më parë
@Locate Close with and Destroy How is that conflicting? Yes I did say litte bit bad about the English language but that doesn't mean I totally hate it. I said that because some people think that you must learn English if not you are uneducated, uncultured poor beggar. Similarly I do not like someone else shoving their language and cultural down the throat of other just like China doing right now. Languages are just tools, let people decide if they want to learn it or not, if that language is useful, then people will automatically learn it and you won't have to force them.
Tracy k
Tracy k 7 ditë më parë
The Jiuquan space base is located in the desert of inland China. The temperature difference between day and night is large, and the insulation materials are needed to protect the payload.
Tech Lover
Tech Lover 7 ditë më parë
@Locate Close with and Destroy Why make enemies and waste resources and energy? Why can't people live together in peace? If people stopped making enemies and worked together we would've developed far better technology and stuff by now.
JOhn Lau
JOhn Lau 8 ditë më parë
and where did they drop the booster?
adlerzwei 5 ditë më parë
On some village probably.
Dong Bongco
Dong Bongco 8 ditë më parë
Tiles flying while still on the ground. Poor quality no good waste of time
zaky jauhariel
zaky jauhariel 7 ditë më parë
Well, they get that satellite to orbit. That what is important
Hon Yee Choong
Hon Yee Choong 8 ditë më parë
Sometimes a science lesson is good for you 😜
Jake McKee
Jake McKee 8 ditë më parë
They’re supposed to fly off. I think so that the loose ones fall off at the beginning of the flight rather than later so that they aren’t dangerous.
All Stats
All Stats 8 ditë më parë
US rockets do not have this feature. Not cool.
naughty frog
naughty frog 8 ditë më parë
looks more like wrapper than tiles. it’s not for reentry doesn’t make sense to have tiles.
Jake McKee
Jake McKee 8 ditë më parë
The fuels are cryogenic.
Jake McKee
Jake McKee 8 ditë më parë
Arcadia 8 ditë më parë
It’s amazing how many hamsters they jam into that thing.
Saurabh verma
Saurabh verma 8 ditë më parë
Afterall it is "Made in China" product
Aaron Hutt
Aaron Hutt 8 ditë më parë
How do you say something is made in China without saying that its made in China? *This video:*
Karthikbinu My stories.
Karthikbinu My stories. 8 ditë më parë
Bitch china already collapsed is going to space...idiot, country
MrPathorock 8 ditë më parë
What a stupid world!
Jake McKee
Jake McKee 8 ditë më parë
Michael Hill
Michael Hill 8 ditë më parë
Space Commies!
P L D 8 ditë më parë
These Chinese rockets are the sheddin'ist I know
Josue Martinez
Josue Martinez 8 ditë më parë
Is it normal to shed those tiles off?
Winston Smith
Winston Smith 8 ditë më parë
Did you watch the vid?
sidharth cs
sidharth cs 8 ditë më parë
MrAuberyII GODs Earth is FLAT and NASA is FAKE
MrAuberyII GODs Earth is FLAT and NASA is FAKE 8 ditë më parë
Come see how space agencies fake going to space
Neebel 8 ditë më parë
Сергей Стахов
Сергей Стахов 8 ditë më parë
Vincent Harris
Vincent Harris 8 ditë më parë
China says....OBEY!!
Det Franklin
Det Franklin 8 ditë më parë
Made in China
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson 8 ditë më parë
Just came here to see how many made in China comments there are
K O 8 ditë më parë
@李玙 Surprise, surprise to me too. Used to see more negative comments when China is working on something positive progress. I guess Paul's pals are just either too busy dealing with BLM on the street, or fleeing police shooting, or maybe just fighting for oxygen tanks in hospital. No time to blame China yet recently.
李玙 8 ditë më parë
this section is pretty disappointing . Coz not so many China-haters. I am here to read China-hater salt mine digger comments.. LOL
Felipe Vernaza
Felipe Vernaza 8 ditë më parë
I could be wrong....but isn't that ice falling off due to condensation and freezing of air moisture. If they use liquid hydrogen or oxygen, the outside of the rocket could get very cold.
Angel Arch
Angel Arch 8 ditë më parë
You can see paint on the big chips, so not ice.
Neebel 8 ditë më parë
you are wrong xd
sidharth cs
sidharth cs 8 ditë më parë
Insulation tiles
꧁༻Goodbay Bluesky༺꧂
꧁༻Goodbay Bluesky༺꧂ 8 ditë më parë
Made in china.
Kevin 8 ditë më parë
Stupid china
Ayumi Saito
Ayumi Saito 4 ditë më parë
You sound more stupid tho lol
Jim Kuan
Jim Kuan 8 ditë më parë
sorry for your mom
Kevin 8 ditë më parë
Hope itll explodes
Noman Ahmed
Noman Ahmed 8 ditë më parë
Why can't they fix the tiles
Choy Uranmaschine
Choy Uranmaschine 7 ditë më parë
@Angel Arch oops, oic, because I watch other Chinese rocket before and they got insulation. This one must be ice than, cause the whole rocket is cold af
Angel Arch
Angel Arch 8 ditë më parë
@Choy Uranmaschine The fuel is not up in the nose section where the tiles are falling off-- that is where the cargo bay is.
Choy Uranmaschine
Choy Uranmaschine 8 ditë më parë
They don't and won't, those are for insulation for super cold fuel before the launch, once launch, they are useless. So it make sense to let they come off to reduce weight
sandman762 8 ditë më parë
Looks like they used Elmer's glue to hold those on.
Alyson Grassi
Alyson Grassi 8 ditë më parë
Very Very clean burn
E H 8 ditë më parë
Filled with Hank Hills best propane using propane accessories
DJ Tan
DJ Tan 8 ditë më parë
Correct. These r Chinese rockets.
Azim Danial
Azim Danial 8 ditë më parë
Looks cool for sure, but it actually is not that clean (efficient). Those are called Mach diamonds
Sgt.Monkol photakul
Sgt.Monkol photakul 8 ditë më parë
Hi กระจู่ท่านทรัมป์ปล่าวนะ
Gerald Thomas
Gerald Thomas 8 ditë më parë
Should have gone to tiles r us.
Joe 7pack
Joe 7pack 8 ditë më parë
Funny how rockets never go straight up, always have to curve wit the dome..
zaky jauhariel
zaky jauhariel 7 ditë më parë
Because it is going for an orbital path, if it go straight up it will go straight down after that. You don't want that for satellite
The Pacifist
The Pacifist 8 ditë më parë
@Rich Kreyche I am assuming you know nothing about relative motion and probably don't believe in gravity? Because you think science can not prove gravity?
Rich Kreyche
Rich Kreyche 8 ditë më parë
The earth spins in space. If the rocket visually appears to go straight ( to the human eye) then the rocket in actually is in a flight path opposite the spin the spin of our planet
Oldinea Miller
Oldinea Miller 8 ditë më parë
@The Pacifist 👍😎
The Pacifist
The Pacifist 8 ditë më parë
@Oldinea Miller 😁😁😁 true that!
Helen Bird
Helen Bird 8 ditë më parë
Isnt that ice falling off? I'm sure its super cooled for lift off.
Eric Tremblay
Eric Tremblay 8 ditë më parë
@The Pacifist You should watch the video again. Ice don't tear off to hang on lower portion of the vehicle. You can clearly see a part of sheet coming off the nose and covering the flag. It hang there for a while and then tear off completely. Ice will not bend that way.
The Pacifist
The Pacifist 8 ditë më parë
@Eric Tremblay It may true what you say, but it's not uncommon to see a cooling system for the scaffolding holding the payload in case of temperature sensitive equipment. Given the present payload it has a high probability it was a sheet of condensation rather than isolation tiles falling off.
C W 8 ditë më parë
No, not there and unless Ice is red too... But that was my thought before i watched and I guess that is one way to lighten the ship during flight.
Eric Tremblay
Eric Tremblay 8 ditë më parë
The march-4c does not use super cooled fuel. They use insulation sheet to protect the payload against the winter cold.
Eric Tremblay
Eric Tremblay 8 ditë më parë
@The Pacifist Super cooled scaffolding?
Diluka Prasad Gangabadaarachchi
Diluka Prasad Gangabadaarachchi 8 ditë më parë
Read the description before spreading hate ( for haters not humans)
amangogna68 8 ditë më parë
Great video !
Suzu Ki
Suzu Ki 8 ditë më parë
Arul krish
Arul krish 8 ditë më parë
I think covid-19 it is not made from China because it is still alive
Adam Paterson
Adam Paterson 8 ditë më parë
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